Refund and Returns Policy

Terms and Conditions of the rental

Happy Car (of now in ahead assigned for “Company”), rent to the Client the undersigned vehicle described, subject to all the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, and in consideration thereof, the renter acknowledges and the following agrees.

1) The renter received the vehicle in good order and condition.

2) The vehicle will be driven only by the Client and shall not be used:
     a) To transport goods in violation of customs, or in any other illegal manner.
     b) To carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied.
     c) To proper or tow any vehicle or trailer.
     d) In motor sports events.
     e) By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

3) Drivers’s age is minimum 21 years. Valid driver’s licence held for Portugal with one year’s driving experience.

4) The car is delivered with pre-road signs, triangle and stamped counter kilometers, usual tools, one extra wheel, rental licence, control slip and all legal car documents.
     a) If the renter losses the documents, or returned them damaged, he will be liable to us for the sun of 150,00€, to obtain new documents.

Gasoline, washing, traffic fines and towing, in case of an accident the towing of the car to the point or origin. The rates don’t include collision damage waiver.
The fuels are still borne by the costumer who must also always check the oil level, the water and the oil level in the gearbox. Any expenses owed oil be properly supported in order to enable reimbursement, previously analyzed by the Company. In the case of said vehicle is immobilized, repairs may be made only with the prior agreement of the Company and in accordance with the instructions given.

7) Prices include insurance limited liability against third parties in accordance with applicable laws in the country, a copy of which may be examined at the office of the Company.
Customer can opt for additional insurance CDW (collision damage waver), SCDW (super damage waver) and TP (theft protection). If the customer chooses one of these insurance terms, conditions and exceptions thereof shall become part of the contract. All details and information relating to insurance shall be made available to the customer by the Company. Even if the Client accept CDW and SCDW, any damage caused to the Happy Car vehicle hired resulting from misuse of the same, will be at the expense of the Client. This insurance do not acquit responsibilities on behalf of the Client from paying for damages caused in the upper and lower parts of the vehicle, where there is no collision. Should there be an accident resulting from excess of speed, or driving under the influence f alcohol and drugs, or through negligence, the CDW or SCDW insurance will be without effect, and the Client will pay Happy Car the full amount for any expenses for repair, towing of the Vehicle, an indemnity for the time the Vehicle involved in the accident is out of the operation.

8) The rental agreement ends on the day chosen by the renter. If a extention is required, the renter must go to a Happy Car office 24 hours in advance of the finishing date agreed upon.
If such permission is not granted, it will be considered that the vehicle is being used without the consent of the Company, this being punishable by the law, and is the responsibility of the driver.
The renter will have to return the vehicle to the point of origin, unless he/she has express a authorization, within working office hours.

9) The estimated cost of the rental and all complementary services acquired, is payable when the Client picks up the car, based on tariff in vigor. He have leave of a deductible deposit to be paid and the value depends the rental group and tables in vigor.

10) The renter, agrees further to project the interest of rent and rent’s insurance company in case of accident during the term of the rental by:
     a) Obtaining names and addresses of parties involved and witnesses;
     b) Not admitting liability or guilt;
     c) Not abandoning the vehicle without adequate provisions for safe guarding and securing thereof;
     d) Notifying the police immediately;

11) Any accident, loss, damage or theft, must be reported immediately to the police and the Happy Car within 24 hours, it is the renters full responsibility to fill in a associate to fill in a amicable claim form, if this form is not given to the Company, the options of insurance CDW, TP and SCDW will be considered null and without effect.
The renter agrees to cooperate it with the Happy Car and its insurance company in any inquiry or action of the law.

12) That additions to or alterations of the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing.

13) Happy Car , declines accidents not reported to the police.
CDW and SCDW does not cover damages in tyres, glasses and looks as well as accidents caused by over speeding and/or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

14) In the event or breach of any provisions of this agreement by the Renter, the personal data of the renter may be disclosed or passed to third parties to the extent found necessary to assist recovery procedures.

15) Happy Car is not responsible for the loss or damage caused to personal belongings of neither the renter nor any passenger that is kept in the vehicle during the rental period or thereafter.

If the Customer returns the vehicle one hour after the time agreed in the rental contract, he will be liable to pay €10

16) Deliveries after 7 P.M only ate the airport. 

17) Deposit

When picking up the vehicle, a deposit (deductible) will be required on a credit or debit card, the amount of which varies depending on the group of vehicle booked, to guarantee costs inherent to possible damages caused or suffered in the rented vehicle, parking lots, fines or other .

After verification and absence of damages or costs, such as fines or others, inherent to your rental agreement, the franchise deposit will be refunded through the same means (credit or debit card)

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